Reusable CTA panels with ACF Theme Options

If there’s one thing almost every website needs it’s a good Call to Action (CTA). It’s one of the 8 simple rules of a landing page that converts and depending on how your site is structured they can be used across your website in various places.

We were recently working on a project which utilized 3 different CTAs. Working with Advanced Custom Fields’ Options Page functionality and WordPress’ template part structure we were able to easily tackle this aspect of the site’s design. We’ll walk you through how we built it in this real world example.

The first thing we did was set up an options page with a sub page for all of the CTA content:

A screenshot of the Theme Settings in the WordPress admin

Within ACF we created 3 Field Groups, one for each CTA:

A screenshot of 3 field groups in Advanced Custom Fields called Call to Action 1, Call to Action 2, and Call to Action 3.

And assigned them all to the Calls to Action options page:

A screenshot of the ACF location being set to show if the Optoins Page is equal to Calls to Action.

Each CTA needed the following elements — title copy, supporting copy, a button (copy + link), and a background image:

A list of the custom fields including title, supporting copy, button copy, button link, and background image

Which looks like this on the options page:

A screenshot of the custom fields on the options page.

We then coded out a template part to build out the CTA panel:

A screenshot of the template part to display the Call to Action 1 content.

And repeated this in our theme files for each CTA panel:

A screenshot showing the three Call to Action template parts in the template-parts directory

We then called in this template part on the various pages of the site as needed like this:

By utilizing both ACF’ options page and WordPress’ template parts functionality we were able to provide our client one easy location to make an edit to a Call to Action and then call in across the site in various places.

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