Endo Creative Moves to New Offices in Old Town Fort Collins

The Hive

This new year has already brought big changes to Endo Creative. The second week of 2012 Endo Creative moved into a new office space in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. Its a co-working space called The Hive right in the middle of Old Town. If you haven’t heard of co-working before, you’re not the only one. Its a trend that is slowly catching on among creative professionals.

There a couple of big open rooms, each housing 3-6 desks. Creative professionals and small companies rent out the desks on a monthly basis. There are many benefits, but here are my favorites.

Get Out of the House

I tried a home office for about two months after first moving to Fort Collins. While fun and productive at first, I quickly grew tired of being cooped up in my apartment all day. I’m excited to get out and interact with other creative professionals.

Separate Work and Home

I have been defining the balance between work and home ever since I started Endo Creative. Now that I have an office that I can go to “to work”, I have defined that boundary even more. Sure, I still do work when I’m at home when needed. But having an outside office where I can focus solely on work has made me much more productive.

Be Inspired

Being around other web and creative professionals in a co-working environment inspires my creativity. I get to watch and learn from others in the business, ask questions and advice, and also contribute my own wisdom that I have learned along the way. In addition, I’m meeting other professionals in the community outside of the web industry.

These are just a few of the things I’m enjoying about the new office space. With such a cool space to work, I’m looking forward to many great things for Endo Creative and our clients this year!

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