Build a WordPress Theme From Scratch

Jeremy Green

This Saturday I will be teaching a workshop on building WordPress themes from scratch for Girl Develop It. The workshop will be at Cohere Midtown from 8am – Noon. The cost to participate is $40.

The workshop is a part of the Fort Collins chapter of Girl Develop It. Girl Develop It is an international organization that provides resources for women to learn coding in a supportive environment. If you aren’t female (aka a guy), don’t worry. You can still attend the class!

Over the past 4 years I have built over 60 custom WordPress themes. During the workshop I will teach you what I have learned from all those hours spent building themes for clients and for myself.

During the class I will be going in depth on many topics, including:

  • how to create a bulletproof theme structure
  • how to develop themes with WordPress coding standards
  • how to add custom theme options for total customization
  • helpful tools and plugins to speed up the development process
  • advanced topics including using CSS pre-processors and version control

There is still space available if you are interested in taking your WordPress theming to the next level. If you develop themes for a living or as a hobby, this class is for you. The workshop will be hands on, with plenty of live coding, one-on-one training, , and time for questions.

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