Create A Laser Focused Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy for Brewery

Creating focus is a critical part of your inbound marketing strategy.  Defining your distinct market segment or niche is an important first step to ensure you are generating leads to help grow your business.

Unfortunately, most businesses use a shotgun approach to lead generation. They cast a wide net and hope to catch as many leads as possible. This method is difficult to track and measure, can be costly to implement and ultimately generates low quality, unqualified leads.

Inbound Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation

A key tenet of inbound marketing strategy is the laser focused approach.  This requires that you define a niche and execute a content marketing plan based on the characteristics of that niche. Focusing in this way allows you to easily measure what tactics work and generates highly qualified leads that are much more efficient and effective to pursue.

You can also measure the effectiveness of a laser focused marketing approach because you target a very specific audience with a clear call to action and goal.

Example Of A Laser Focused Campaign

As an example, your niche could be small business owners in the brewing industry who have a marketing budget of at least $5,000 per month. You could create subject specific lead pages, email campaigns, or special offers that focus on getting potential customers to register for an upcoming webinar.

Because the goal and target are both very specific, you are able to measure results for this particular campaign.

Potential customers who signed up for your webinar are most likely highly qualified leads for your product or service. Your conversion efforts are much more efficient, because you don’t waste time following up on leads that aren’t a good fit for your business.

Benefits Of Focus

The overall cost of an inbound marketing campaign decreases with laser focused marketing. Instead of creating several campaigns with different targets and hoping one of them will work, you create one or two highly effective campaigns with measurable results, better quality leads and improved ROI.

Defining your customer niche and creating focus will save you time and money. By focusing on a distinct segment of the market you will multiply your marketing effectiveness and increase lead conversion rates without increasing effort. Inbound marketing is about growing your business by converting leads to customers more efficiently and effectively.

  • What niche are you targeting with your business?
  • How could you make your marketing campaigns more laser focused?

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