Site Maintenance

Keep your site safe from hackers

Why WordPress and plugin updates matter

  1. Performance improvements are made by the developer(s) — ex. increased speed.
  2. There are new features added to the plugin — ex. a new menu or export functionality.
  3. A security vulnerability or exploit was discovered and fixed.

When it comes to site security, you really can’t afford not to update your plugins. The problem doesn’t lie with the number of plugins installed — it’s letting them become outdated, giving potential attackers opportunities to exploit security weaknesses.

Our Maintenance Plan


  • Setup and maintain daily site backups
  • Restore site from backup if there is a site crash
  • Perform weekly updates of WordPress software and installed plugins
  • Fix the site if a plugin update breaks your site’s functionality or design
  • Monthly report of updates performed on the site
  • Security protocols setup to protect against hacks